About Us

EntrepreneurCountry helps people build their Personal Economies by connecting Davids, Golaiths and Citizens. We understand the design of the digital age, and have opened it up to the world through our Digital Playbook, ‘Ecosystem Economics’®, which we share with our clients and users through all of our programmes. Become a citizen today.

We are committed to optimizing for the System-Level Win.




Be seen by a global audience of established enterprises who are ready to invest. Find your natural allies who will provide the assets and capabilities to grow and scale your business


Get unique insight into the latest David and Goliath partnerships. Find out about the secrets behind their success, the strategies that drive growth, and their thought leadership


Connect with like-minded digital enablers from all over the world. Share best-practice learnings and tap into an unparalleled resource of skills and knowledge


We are looking now to complete the ranks for the 25 ‘Digital Davids’ that will be the Graduating Class from our ECOSYSTEM ECONOMICS® START-UP PROGRAMME 2018. We get out of the gate on 1 July with Preparatory Workshops by video conference individually and in groups, and will set up more than 12 meetings before 15 December 2018 with the target Partners.

We have the right level of contact and influence with many partner in Europe through our network.

We ensure that your strategy and go to market is in alignment with the Ecosystem Economics® Digital Playbook, that your Corporate Deck and Video looks incredibly attractive, and that all elements of the opportunity stack up for the Partner. Then we manage a roadshow for you.

The Digital Playbook articulates how the Digital Davids:
– Focus on the Unit Economics of new Digital Revenue Streams enabling a Goliath or Incumbent to build a Digital P&L through engagement with the Challenger.
– Develop user-centric companies rather than product-centric firms
– Bring a network effect to the businesses that they engage with, and help Incumbents to build Network Asset Value instead of Enterprise Value
– Ask ‘How should this industry work?’ and drive industry or ecosystem profitability not just their own firm’s profitability.

Each of the Ecosystem Economics® Digital David’s will be showcased in Dubrovnik at the 8th Annual Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summitwww.follow-the-entrepreneur.com – which will be live-streamed around the world, and where 500 investors will gather from the 7th to the 10th of October 2018. Out of 25 in the class, one will be the overall winner, and will receive investment from VIVA Capital of 100,000 Euros. Each of you will also be promoted to the 325,000 citizens of EntrepreneurCountry through our daily marketing channel.

In particular, we are looking for travel and transportation applications, so we would like to extend an invitation to you to join the programme.

EntrepreneurCountry earns Income Rights through the work that it undertakes with you. We have a right to invest if other investors come in during the 2H 2018.