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Digital Identity Management (DIM)



The Digital Identity Management Kick off and Roundtable at the Malta Stock Exchange
Julie Meyer
CEO, Araidne Capital


Andres Wil Gerdes shares his thoughts on Digital Identity Management
Andreas Wil Gerdes Entrepreneur

Video Interviews from Digital Identity Management Roundtable – Malta

  • Steve Tendon

    Managing Director, TameFlow

  • Nathan Kinch

    Head of Experience and Labs, Meeco

  • John Abbott

    Director, Yoti

  • Dr Abdalla Kablan -

    Founder, Scheduit

  • Joe Portelli -

    Chairman, Malta Stock Exchange

Some photos from Digital Identity Management Roundtable – Malta

  • Julie Meyer

    CEO, Araidne Capital

  • The Hon. Dr. Christian Cardona

    Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business

  • Andreas Wil Gerdes


  • Dr Abdalla Kablan

    Founder, Scheduit

  • Nathan Kinch

    Head of Experience and Labs, Meeco

  • John Abbott

    Director of UK Business Growth & Partnerships, Yoti

  • Steve Tendon

    Managing Director, TameFlow Consulting Limited

  • Amit Pau

    Managing Director, Ariadne Capital and EntrepreneurCountry Global

  • Panel Discussion


  • Panel Discussion


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EntrepreneurCountry would like to invite you to the launch of the Build a Country Challenge – the first out of Malta to the world – where we are building the blueprint of Digital Identity Management (DIM) for the overall design of society.

What do we mean by Digital Identity Management?

Good actors should be encouraged to build their Personal Economy; bad actors should be stopped. The Trump Travel Ban is a blunt instrument. Bad actors can come from Minnesota as well as Yemen. In the Schengen world of the free flow of people, how can it be that bad actors remain uncaught today. Malta provides us with an example of one that – for the moment – appears to have gotten away. Read coverage here and here. Concerned citizens have built a website to prevent others from being defrauded by this individual – see here – but shouldn’t we have a digital solution so that people’s good actions and bad follow them, and whether in travel, employment, or financial transactions, we can count on the identity of the people with whom we engage?

EntrepreneurCountry has long been a proponent of establishing property rights for individual data and creating a financial asset of individual data. See how to become a citizen of EntrepreneurCountry here.

On the 4th of April 2017 at 3 pm at the Malta Stock Exchange, we were joined by 100 guests to kick off this Challenge with a Roundtable.

Our Speakers were:
- Andreas Wil Gerdes
- Dr Abdalla Kablan
- Nathan Kinch
- The Hon. Dr. Christian Cardona
- John Abbott
- Amit Pau
- Steve Tendon

DIM Running Order – 4 April
Malta Stock Exchange
Garrison Chapel, Castille Place, Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1063, Malta

2pm - 3pm – Pre-Event Interviews with Speakers

3pm - 4pm – Speeches & Presentations

- Julie to Open and Introduce EntrepreneurCountry, Digital Identity Management

- The Hon. Dr. Christian Cardona, Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business

- Speakers to speak no more than 10 minutes with or without slide in the order of:
   • Andreas Gerdes – founder of multiple businesses and long-time booster of Malta
   • Abdalla Kablan – Six Cap and founder of blockchain businesses
   • Nathan Kinch - Meeco
   • John Abbott - Yoti
   • Amit Pau – Ariadne Capital
   • Steve Tendon - Tameflow

4pm - 5pm – Panel Discussion and Q&A from the Audience

5pm - 6pm – Networking and Drinks and Floor Interviews with Attendees

Andreas Wil Gerdes, an entrepreneur (world citizen #8), and a passionate father – “I know that I don’t know – I love to listen, to ask questions, to learn and to grow.”

He sold his first business at the age of 20. Working out of a garage, he then successfully built what would become part of Orange PLC. Andreas has been at the forefront of the mobile telecoms revolution empowering lives for over 25 years.

Infecting friends and colleagues with a startup culture where ever he lays his hat, from Indonesia to New York and Malta, Andreas has been steadily spreading his unique business insight to all those who have taken the time to listen, and quite a few who have not!

He has inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs – creating a supernova effect through the power of his vision in motion – through iWorldGroup, the pioneering accelerator which launched out of Malta in 2000, 15 years ahead of its time.

Growing restless, meeting passionate people, learning from anyone (children and animals included), traveling between Europe, Asia, USA and the Mediterranean, bringing people together, being challenged (rather than patronized), valuing intuition, studying NLP, practicing Yoga, asking questions, not buying into established norms, respecting those who’ve had the courage and imagination to carve their own paths.

Andreas Wil is a member of the World Entrepreneurs’ Organization. He co-founded the pan-European Business Incubation Association (BIA Europe) that focuses on promoting business incubators as the key platform for next-generation entrepreneurship. Moreover, Andreas Wil is an advisor to leading business schools and universities. Andreas Wil was nominated as a member by the distinguished World Technology Network, an international think tank focused on networking, new ideas, new relationships, and new business opportunities.

He was one of the seven winners of the European Award “Elite of the Future” (Elite der Zukunft), the nominators of which include Egon Zehnder International, BMW, Deutsche Bank and Bertelsmann. Andreas is also a sought-after speaker on Entrepreneurship and TIME (Telecommunications, IT, Media, E-commerce). Andreas co-founded the non-profit foundation Startup Malta that boosted entrepreneurship within young people. Andreas has also been prominently featured in the Financial Times publication ‘101 Leaders of the New Economy’.

He discovered Malta in 1995 saw its potential to become a UNITED Nations Hotspot and the natural capital of the digital transition of the Greater Mediterranean ‘country’ aka the world’s second-biggest economy after the US in terms of GDP.

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Dr Abdalla Kablan, Founder, Scheduit

Dr Abdalla Kablan is a serial entrepreneur, and fintech expert. He specialises in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the design of complex financial systems. He is the group CEO of SIXCAP Technologies and founder of Hippo Data, a Fintech and AI startup which was the first Maltese company to be selected by Microsoft to be a part of Microsoft Ventures, UK. Hippo Data's VR platform was also featured at the World Economic Forum 2017 in Davos.

Furthermore, he is the founder of Scheduit, an intelligent business oriented matchmaking and professional networking platform. Dr Kablan is also an academic at the University of Malta where he lectures and researches topics related to computational intelligence, financial engineering, and financial data science.
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Nathan Kinch , Head of Experience and Labs, Meeco

Nathan is Head of Experience and Labs at Meeco. He has extensive experience designing value propositions, data products and business models across various industry sectors, and is considered one of the pre-eminent Experience Design leaders in the personal data and digital identity market.

He speaks globally and writes for publications such as TechCrunch, InVision, UXPin and Startup Daily about the shifting dynamic in the personal data market.
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The Hon. Dr. Christian Cardona , Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business

The Hon. Dr. Christian Cardona was born in 1972 and graduated as Notary Public and Doctor of Laws from the University of Malta. Prior to his appointment as Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, Dr. Christian Cardona was a Senior Partner at CV Advocates.

He furthered his studies in International Maritime Law at the United Nations International Maritime Organisation where he obtained a first Class Masters degree in Shipping Law. Dr. Cardona is the author of the thesis entitled ‘United Nations Commission on International Trade Law – A Maltese Perspective’.

Dr. Christian Cardona was first elected to Parliament in 1996 and was re-elected in the 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013 general elections. During the 2008 – 2013 legislature he served as the Labour Party main Spokesperson for the Industry, Self Employed and Foreign Investment. In previous legislatures he even served as the Labour Party Spokesperson for Competition, Communication and IT.

Dr. Cardona also served as a member in the Malta EU Parliamentary Committee during the negotiation process of Malta’s application to join the European Union as a full member.

In 2016, he was elected as Deputy Leader for Party Affairs for the Labour Party.
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John Abbott , Director of UK Business Growth & Partnerships, Yoti

John have always been passionate about shaping and delivering innovative and transformational business opportunities. After starting in brand management in the early growth phase of Red Bull, John followed this with a 16-year, varied and fulfilling business career at leading global consultancies. He gained substantial experience at the highest levels of FTSE 100/250 businesses, government departments, and technology firms, developing and maintaining strong C-suite level relationships whilst delivering on complex change.

As part of Yoti’s senior management team, John direct all Yoti’s business and social purpose growth and partnerships, and am heavily involved in shaping Yoti’s bright and global future.
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Amit Pau, Managing Director, Ariadne Capital and EntrepreneurCountry Global

Amit is the managing director of Ariadne Capital and EntrepreneurCountry Global as well as a partner at Ariadne Fund. Amit is a seasoned Technology, Media and Telecommunications Executive Director with over 20 years expertise in the digital industry. As Group MD at Vodafone, Amit was instrumental in creating strategic OEM partnerships with Dell, IBM and HP, and transformed their Fortune 500 client BU.

Amit has served on 12 companies, managing 8 exits and on a number of companies listed in London, Madrid and Australian stock exchanges.
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Steve Tendon, Managing Director, TameFlow Consulting Limited

Steve Tendon is a senior executive management consultant, adviser, speaker and author. He holds a MIT Fintech Innovation: Future Commerce certificate with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a MSc in Software Project Management with the University of Aberdeen.

He is an expert in organizational performance transformation programs, performance improvement, and performance management. Notably his research and consulting work focuses on performance innovation and on the impact of emerging technologies – in particular Blockchain technologies - on the performance of global businesses, industries, and governance.

Steve is the inventor of the TameFlow ® systems thinking approach for creating breakthrough performance innovation in knowledge-intensive industries. The TameFlow approach has been used with great success in improvement initiatives across numerous industries, with clients such as: Wolters-Kluwer (information services), William-Hill (iGaming), BOSCH (automotive) and Boeing (aviation).
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Ariadne Capital is seeking the best Digital Enablers (young, fast-growing, enabling technology private companies) to invest in and to work with in our Ecosystems as a key layer in the design of the future. If you are the best, then send us details of your company to The Ariadne Capital investment team and Senior Advisors will be gathering a review committee in May 2017 to determine the next Ariadne Capital investment in DIM. To see other Ariadne Capital portfolio companies, see here.

7th Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit Malta on the 10th of July at the Westin Dragonara, Malta, we will invite the best DIM companies to speak from across Europe.

EntrepreneurCountry TV will fully engage with the best content from the community on Digital Identity Management. If you know of someone with something important to say about DIM, please send us their writings, their video or their contact information to


EC Malta will aggregate and shape solutions for Digital Identity Management that it will recommend to government and the EC Citizenship for adoption. Central to its recommendations will be entrepreneur led new models, introduction of technology enablers, shared economy approaches with self-policing loops, and test-piloting of new proposed solutions.