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Beintoo: Location is key

Clara Hosshage Friday, 27 March 2015.

Antonio Tomarchio is the founder and CEO of Beintoo - a mobile engagement platform that gathers location data directly from opted-in users' devices via a simple SDK, and is compatible with any proximity solution provider to capture signals from beacons in its network. The solution can then analyse the historical location patterns of anonymised app users and segment them accordingly.

Antonio TomarchioAntonio himself is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced manager with several years in the Internet and Mobile Industry. After graduating from The Polytechnic University of Milan in 2007 with a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics and Engineering, he and a few of his university friends got the opportunity to launch their first start-up, Adright, a company focused on innovative technology for performance advertising. In early 2009, Adright was acquired by Dada and Antonio went on to work inside the large conglomerate as the Head of Products, responsible for product design and Performance Advertising Strategy.

After working within Dada for two years, Antonio decided to pursue new adventures and created Beintoo in 2011 in collaboration with some of the original co-creators from Adright. "We were kind of pioneers at that time, we believed that the mobile opportunity was massive and especially in relation to the concept of location", he explains. Together they tailored a distribution model and released their first product in relation to the company's launch. "Our first product allowed our clients to deliver a coupon-like offer reward inside an app, but to activate and receive the offer the consumers needed to go to a specific location".

At the same time, Beintoo, went up for a first investment round, and successfully managed to receive funding from one VC in London and one in Italy. This enabled for a strong evolution and growth, and allowing them to move their Headquarters from Italy to New York in 2014.

"Beintoo is first of all a technology company that helps brands to target their marketing and CRM campaigns to the right audiences based on the behaviour of users in the real world. For example a car dealer are able to target an ad to an user who is likely looking for a new car as she visited different car deals in the last 2 weeks. Through our complete integration with the programmatic ecosystem , brands can easily enable a true geobehavioral audience targeting ", Antonio explains.

Through proximity technologies and impression-based data collection, Beintoo helps mobile developers to add a new revenue stream as they can now have a monetization of their mobile data. On top of that, a mobile publisher can also decide to integrate our SDK in his own app to have very useful information about the offline behaviour of his own users, capturing details regarding the mobile user's dwell time and geofences around points of interest.

As Antonio puts it, "Location is key, and it poses a huge potential for all brands".

Earlier this year they partnered with RevMob, empowering Beintoo's ecosystem. "By teaming up with leading publishers and international publishers we can offer mobile data everywhere, and the advertisers can reach their audience with more relevant advertising. All this can be provided programmatically, increasing the possibilities for retargeting, value offerings and traffic rates".

By introducing Beintoo's SDK in their apps, advertisers can create special exclusive offers that reaches Beintoo's users. These promotions add up to the standard deal, for example, providing personalized deals.

These opportunities, Antonio believes, will cause a phenomenal change in the market, as most people spend the majority of their time in apps. "It is a necessity for the market to start having an audience platform in apps, and it is of the key components which allows Facebook to know their audience – through collecting data of how their audience operate on the app. This is going to be game-changing, and help mobile advertising to explode and exceed its scale, because it's now possible to target audiences in apps".

This trend will enable advertisers to make their campaigns more user friendly, and relevant to specific audiences and their interests. The result will be more efficient ads, with less impressions but higher engagement – and increasing revenue. It will also be beneficial for users, as they won't be exposed to ads that aren't relevant decreasing the frequent and constant buzz.

Antonio is optimistic about the future, "2016 will probably be the year of mobile, combined with the emergence of the new programmatic ecosystems".

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Clara Hosshage

Clara Hosshage

Clara joined entrepreneurcountry in January 2015 as the Research and Content Manager, after graduating from the Linnaeus University with a degree in Media Management. Her main responsibilities include managing content on the entrepreneurcountry website, writing articles and researching interesting and unique stories to portray.

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