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Cooklet: Smart Cooking and the Google for Food

Clara Hosshage Wednesday, 13 May 2015.

Grzegorz Trubilowicz is the founder and CEO of Cooklet, an internationally recognised culinary platform. The idea behind the product is to provide a modern platform for 'foodies', making cooking social as you engage in the global community. It's a simple way of organising your own interactive cookbook, while at the same time sharing cooking experiences among the network of passionate people from around the world.

cookletGrzegorz's entrepreneurial journey started early, at the incredible age of 16, when he decided to set up his own interactive agency – a spin-off to his interest for designing and new technologies. Through extensive exploration in Notepad programming and designing in PhotoPaint, his early achievements involves taking the first place in some of Poland's national competitions – which ultimately led to more established and fruitful relationships with other corporates.

After reading this article, and foreseeing the huge potential in mobile, he set up a mobile division focused on Flash Lite development - IKS Mobile. "Our first game called Crazy Matches won the International Mobile Gaming Awards 2007 in Barcelona and that was a game changer for us. 'The sky is the limit' I thought when a game, developed in one month with just one developer and a designer, was able to beat more professional and established studios". At the same time, he and his team started a successful joint venture with Adobe Inc. which in 2010 funded their initial trials related to his current investment – Cooklet.

"Cooklet, as the Food Tech company, focuses on creating complimentary products for foodies. So far we launched three products – Cooklet (social cooking app), Cook'd (widget for food blogs) and Happie (smart nutrition plan). We want not only to provide recipes or cooking guidance but also to recommend healthy choices. That wouldn't be possible without Food Graph, our proprietary technology, which is the backbone of all the operations and applications as it organises tons of data real-time."

Together the technologies provide the users with an inspirational set of products, which collect and analyze the trending foods whilst adjusting to the users nutritional needs and personal taste. Thanks to a focus on search technologies and big data Cooklet Co. is commonly referred as "Google for Food".

With the help of technology new ways of interacting with and approaching food can be made, and allows local cuisines to spread globally.

"Nowadays, cookbooks are usually bought as presents and are 'read' in bed while the actual cooking inspiration mainly comes from blogs or recipe sites. Our recipe app, with features like voice navigation, acts more as a cooking assistant though it's been named as The Best Digital Cookbook 2014 at prestigious Gourmand Awards in Beijing".

The future is looking bright for Cooklet, not only have health related articles and apps been constantly trending for a few years, but Cooklet is also anticipating the imminent arrival of Internet of Things technologies.

"The Internet of Things is playing more of an important role in our homes all the time, but is yet to come to our kitchens. With our data and technologies we will be able to quickly tell you what can be cooked out of the ingredients you have that fits both your taste and diet. That's a great insight into users' preferences and behaviours and an amazing base of products of the future".

A very important aspect of Cooklet is that they design and develop with 2020 in mind, shaping kitchens and food apps of tomorrow. In the next five years they plan to provide data and content to 100M users worldwide.


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Clara Hosshage

Clara Hosshage

Clara joined entrepreneurcountry in January 2015 as the Research and Content Manager, after graduating from the Linnaeus University with a degree in Media Management. Her main responsibilities include managing content on the entrepreneurcountry website, writing articles and researching interesting and unique stories to portray.

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