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Everything Changes

Julie Meyer Monday, 26 January 2015.

There have been moments in my life – a certain person is met, a book that I read, something I witnessed, an event that occurred – which have changed me profoundly forever. In 2009, I remember saying to myself as the financial crisis was getting worse and worse that I wished that certain parts of society who I felt had created the crisis would 'go to EntrepreneurCountry' – that place that entrepreneurs go to each day where they deal with the stress of running their business day in and day out. Finally, I realised that we are all going to EntrepreneurCountry – it's just that not everyone know it yet.

Julie Meyer 1Going to EntrepreneurCountry changed my life, and I believe it will change yours too.

The real reason you should attend the EntrepreneurCountry Forum on the 3rd of February at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on Albemarle Street in London is not that it is going to be a great networking event, but it will be.

The real reason is that we will transport you to the future that day. In EntrepreneurCountry, we have built a MVC 1.0 (minimum viable country) and are building the future operating model of business and society.

In EntrepreneurCountry, we operate today in a manner in which the rest of the world will in years to come:

• Consumer data is the new entrant to every business model; individuals are incentivised to share more because they are given an economic upside for the use of their data – which is their data
• Fast-growing 'Davids' are enabling and extending existing non-tech traditional businesses – 'Goliaths' – with their software & applications, and understanding of 'Ecosystem Economics'™; their propositions are empowering the citizen, trader, doctor/patient, shopper/retailer, individual consumer in every industry
• Ecosystem Economics is the new industrial model; it explains who's winning and why: those who are organising the economics for their ecosystems are expanding, becoming platforms and creating unique market positions
People do things differently in EntrepreneurCountry. They think differently too. If we charted a day in the life of a banker, insurance broker, airlines executive, healthcare professional in the so-called 'real world of today' and EntrepreneurCountry, here are the differences which would emerge:
• Citizens of EntrepreneurCountry worry about the profitability of their industry, not just their business model. They know that if the industry is expanding, they will win.
• They focus on building a 'Digital P&L'™; they rip out cost-centres, and turn everything possible into a cost of sale against a revenue line.
• They procure differently; the Goliaths don't push out payment terms, they pull them in using new types of financing solutions like TraxPay and Oxygen Finance.
• The Goliaths are obsessed with becoming platforms, and securing their cut of the net, new revenues from doing so that currently elude them.
• The Davids have solved the problems of the Goliaths in their industry years before they realised that they had the problems.

Net net, EntrepreneurCountry is back to the future. We, Ariadne Capital, by virtue of the insights we have gleaned in working with amazing entrepreneurs over 15 years, have built EntrepreneurCountry so that we can get to the future faster. You would have too if you had had access to the more perfect information that we have by drinking coffee and building businesses with you.

If you go to the EC Forum on the 3rd of February, if you read this digest weekly, if you believe what we do, we ask you to build with us. Contribute to the weekly digest published to 160,000 citizens. Set up a David & Goliath Dinner in your neck of the universe. If you are a Goliath, become a Corporate Citizen so that you can test and pilot in earnest. If you are a David, we want to help you become discovered.

There is much to do, so let the work continue....

Julie Meyer, founder of EntrepreneurCountry

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