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Mosaicoon: Step 1,2,3... Outsourcing Video Content

Clara Hosshage Thursday, 26 March 2015.

Mosaicoon was founded in 2009 by Ugo Parodi Giusino and is the only entity on the market which operates in the production, distribution and monitoring of content simultaneously. The company operates on an international level, and through their platform manages the strategic and creative production of video content – from idea to final product. This model allows for scalable solutions, by an integrated communication system based on three proprietary pillars within one platform:

Ugo-Giusino-Parodi-fondatore-di-Mosaicon-1- Crevity – a creative agency in the cloud for idea generating and producing online video projects, simply by crowdsourcing different parties for each individual stage of production.
- Plavid – a multichannel network for online distribution of branded content, reaching more than 800 million people worldwide.
- Tracking – an advanced tool for monitoring the performance of online campaigns in real-time.

Ugo describes the idea of Mosaicoon originated from his early passion for producing video, and his later love for online video. "Around 2004, two years before YouTube launched, I was very impressed with the options available for posting and sharing videos online without having to use a broadcasting channel. Therefore, I started one of the first sites for viral videos, making it possible to upload videos and distribute video content without being a professional broadcaster". This particular website is the ancestor to what is now called Plavid, and displayed video material which Ugo and his team curated. During this time, Ugo noticed the importance of creating content for online streaming, and how it relates to the distribution of the same content, enabling the possibility to monitor the success of a campaign – leading to the creation of Mosaicoon in 2009. Today, the company has branches in London, Milan, Rome and Palermo (HQ) – and has gained illustrious recognition for its innovative proprietary model in both Italy and internationally.

But the road here hasn't been easy. Ugo explains how VC funding wasn't as established in Italy back then - and especially not favouring an internet company. However, they managed to turn their situation around and the became the first southern Italy company to receive VC investment and went up for a second round in 2012. Investments allowing them to build a solid base for the company, right from the start. "That gave us energy to improve our service and ensure we created more value to our customers", Ugo says.

The value the platform provides is the ability for the user to choose. "Our platform facilitates multiple platforms inside itself, categorising the different spaces required in creating video content. First you need an idea, henceforth we connect you with a network of individuals or companies who can help generate a winning idea – ensuing in you picking, in your opinion, the best idea. The next step is the actual production of this specific campaign, where we present you with a range of options of professional producers and video makers. Essentially, you are in-charge the whole process, while selecting your favourites within the crowd".

Leveraging the platform's network of strategists and producers, essentially leaves the client with two different products both sharing the same goal and mission – creating a great video which drives traffic and user engagement to the client. The finalised video is later distributed and monitored through Mosaicoon's platform, proving itself to be an interesting and dynamic approach to video development and dissemination.

The company's bespoke model gives them an unique advantage, but also poses their biggest challenge. "In recent years the majority of the companies in this space are creating 'the best distribution platform for video', whether it's short video, long video or for a specific target or an wide audience – there is plenty of platform technologies out there which enables for video distribution", Ugo says. The online video market is increasingly competitive, as more players push into the value chain and develop new innovative features, not surprisingly when its revenue will reach nearly $ 5 billion in 2016, up from $ 2,8 billion in 2013, averaging with over 100 % year-over-year monthly growth.

"Online video marketing and online alternatives will be huge in the next years, because video content is the best option for user engagement. The best content online engages with its users and I think that is the reason why many companies are going in this direction. At the same time what we discover is that many players are using platforms only to distribute video content online. We think that our integration and our enabling for creation of content in a scalable way is very interesting for that reason because, its easier to create a platform than it is to create content."

Ugo is optimistic, "content is everything, and nobody is creating an interesting model for creating it". He further explains that content is related to the distribution and the creation of buzz, the challenge is to develop a simple and innovative process for content execution, an area where he confidently believes Mosaicoon stands out.

"There are many people and companies who can create and distribute video content online and there are many technologies enabling for that to happen and further monitor that data, but there isn't a company who manages all the processes with a single platform", he says.

Adapting to the environment is becoming more crucial than ever, and Ugo believes that uniqueness is the answer. "Create unique models, go in your unique direction and create unique value. Incorporate your assets and strategies, investing in a vision which is your own. There is a lot of players in the same market, being true to your own style is what will create the most value for your clients. But don't forget, do open your eyes sometimes and see if you're going in a direction aligned with the market".

"Obviously, it's not easy to be heard or seen online, but I think that's the two sides of the web. On one hand, you can be a star and very successful with content without any investment, and on the other hand, you can invest too much in your content creation and reach no one. We try to offer our clients the possibility to be seen and heard and to be engaging, but you can't predict the outcome of the web – that is the most fascinating part. For example, Gangnam style: no one could foresee such a video becoming an internet phenomenon and reach three billion views, but I happened! This is the strange and fascinating thing about the web".

To learn more about Mosaicoon:
Twitter: @MosaicoonSpa

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Clara Hosshage

Clara Hosshage

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