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Welcome to EntrepreneurCountry – a Master Class to Kick off 2015

Julie Meyer Monday, 05 January 2015.

I. The Problem

The Digital Disruption is facing and racing at everyone. The pace of change due to the shift from a linear to network world means that you probably are worse off compared to this time last year in terms of dealing with that Disruption, unless you have fundamentally changed your organization, team and approach to how you build your business.

Julie Meyer 1II. The Solution

Ariadne Capital has been working with successful start-ups, leading entrepreneurs and explosive growth firms for more than 15 years based out of the UK. They have advised CEO's across EMEA in various sectors how they can build their Digital DNA and 'Digital P&L'™. Through the EntrepreneurCountry Corporate Partner Program, the Ariadne Capital team and the EC Regional Partners have helped non-technology traditional firms in financial services, transportation, retail, media and health 'go to EntrepreneurCountry' – that is, go to the future with the 'perfect information' that it provides us about how to make decisions today in our businesses. In this Master Class, we will share the Three Versions of the Future, and how to become a platform (why it's essential), organize the economics for your ecosystem, and engage with the Ap Economy.

III. The Master Class

The Welcome to EntrepreneurCountry Master Class is a half day or one day session for senior management teams where we facilitate a transformation in your ability to engage with 'Digital Enablers' – those 'revenue-generating algorithms' or start-ups with real revenue that can build new digital revenue streams for the corporates.

Excerpts from the approach can be seen in this presentation:

IV. The Outcomes and Deliverables

Participants will have a 'pair of glasses' for understanding how the digital world operates and how they have to engage with it. They will understand how to think of their business model and industry dynamics differently for this digital and exponential age in which we live. Participants will be introduced to the 'Ecosystem Economics'™ methodology and toolkit, review current event case studies, be introduced to how 'David & Goliath Must Dance' ™ and roleplay how their organisations can test and pilot effectively.

V. The Pricing

Pricing depends on size of group. We also are hosting sessions where individuals can attend groups which are pulled from multiple organisations

Send us an email to sign up:

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