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Smart Cities: Your Home in the Digital Age

Tuesday, 22 May 2012.

If you ever wanted to know what a simple family home may look like in the future, smart home tech company AlertMe is now making the vision a reality. 

131113smartcitiesReplacing the traditional gas meter, smart meters display to the homeowner exactly how much energy they are using. AlertMe then breaks down this data and compares the information with similar households, providing recommendations to the customer on ways they can save energy and money.

The free service is now being trailled on 10,000 homes, with smart meters being offered to home by British Gas in the next seven years. Also, those with old gas meters won't miss out, as the AlertMe system can be inserted while they wait for a new installation.

131113maryturnerAlertMe CEO Mary Turner (pictured) secured the deal with the UK's largest supplier of domestic energy, previously working for Tiscali until its sale to Carphone Warehouse. During her time at Tiscali, Mary grew sales from less than 500,000 dial up customers to being the third largest DSL provider in the UK. She now brings her sales and technological know-how to AlertMe, seeing striking comparisons with the two markets.

“This is a big movement, way beyond just a single individual,” says Turner. “Part of the reason I joined AlertMe was that I could see this sector ready for transformation. In the last ten years the whole telecommunications industry has transformed. I’m really excited becuse I see this as the beginning of huge amounts of services that come into the home.

People are so connected; to each other, to banks and shops but the one area that they have very little information and insight is in the home. We are at the beginning stages of the quantified home. I believe that in the next few years there will be an acceleration,” says Turner. “The way that people use their mobile phones is already there and the way people connect to the home is just a whisker away for convenience and where the internet of things will the next big consumer technology wave.”

With a vision for futuristic homes, how does Mary's home run? Apparently the AlertMe system is so advanced that she is alerted from work when her son arrives home from school, with the device switching on the heating in line with his arrival.

AlertMe was founded in 2006 to provide home energy management and connected services to consumers and through partners such as energy utilities, telecommunications companies and retailers. The service rests on a single cloud-based platform and an AlertMe hub in the home.


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