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What is Ecosystem Economics™?

Technology is no longer an industry; it is a layer transforming all industries. So there is a lot to learn from how the tech platform companies have secured their dominant market positions today. They have understood some basic principles about the Future:

• Consumers are driving all purchases; the consumerisation of technology
• The world is driven by networks
• This in turn makes exponential growth the norm
• Costs are strictly aligning to revenue, and everything is moving to a unit economics basis

The question Ariadne started asking itself 8 years ago which led to the launch of EntrepreneurCountry in 2008 and the publication of Welcome to EntrepreneurCountry in 2012, is what happens to the rest of the world? Surely it can’t be that 25 tech platform businesses in Palo Alto clean up and everyone else goes bankrupt. So therefore?

What we realised an economic cycle ago and through our work in the tech industry for 25 years and with our portfolio companies for 15, is that the winners of this digital age are the companies who understand their role in the ecosystem and are organising the economics for it.

What Ariadne also knows:

• Disruptive tech happens at the beginning of a 6o to 80 year cycle; the second half of that cycle is when the establishment embraces it to get to the future and become part of the new common sense (Carlotta Perez)
• Transaction costs which corporations had been set up to aggregate are now possible at the individual level (Ronald Coase)
• Giving people assets drives them to create prosperity (Hernando de Soto)
• Early Adopters are critical to establishing the new common sense (Geoff Moore)
• In order to lead your industry, you don’t want to compete well, you want to create a new market space (Renee Mauborgne & Chan Kim)

We tie all of this up combined with our deep understanding of how companies we’ve advised and invested in have won over the past 15 years:

First Tuesday – connected a continent’s entrepreneurs with financiers
Espotting – first Pay Per Click business globally
Zopa – first P2P business globally
Monitise – created an economic model for mobile banking
Skype – enabled individuals with P2P connectivity
SpinVox – all B2B businesses are now B2C2B
SoundOut – the obvious goliath to go to market with tends to resist; reach out to all natural allies
BeatThatQuote – individuals should have an economic upside in the use of their data

EntrepreneurCountry enables mid to large enterprises to become Ecosystem Economics™ companies – enabling them to win in the digital age.

Because of the technology discontinuity that networks and exponential growth bring, you can’t get to the future from the present in a straight line. EntrepreneurCountry enables Goliaths to airlift themselves over the discontinuity into the future to iterate around hypotheses about their business and their industry. By testpiloting these hypotheses in the EC marketspace, they can create product / market fit for their new businesses.

Case Studies

Over the past 12 years, Ariadne Capital & entrepreneurcountry have been able to back game changing companies. The defining attribute these companies have displayed has been their ability to create an ecosystem where everyone wins. Ecosystem Economics™ TM™ is the enabiling force that allows for business to thrive across the globe. Below are examples of Ecosystem Economics™ TM™ in action:


by entrepreneurcountry

Monitise plc (LSE: MONI.L) is the global trusted enabler in Mobile Money solutions, with proven technology and expertise to enable financial institutions and other service providers to offer a wide range of mobile banking, payments and commerce services to their customers in developed, emerging and hybrid territories.

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by entrepreneurcountry

SoundOut is a web based music technology and data company using crowdsourcing and the wisdom of crowds to predict the market potential and demographic resonance of new music.

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by entrepreneurcountry

Seamless is a great example of Ecosystem Economics™ in action in the financial services sector. Seamless are a global mobile payments company that provides prepaid top-up systems and mobile payment services for mobile operators, distributors, retailers and consumers.

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Digital Stores

by entrepreneurcountry

Digital Stores is an online retailer and leading supplier of complete end-to-end e-commerce and fulfilment services in the UK. It specialises in running online stores for personality and character brands in the music and entertainment industry.

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Lime & Tonic

by entrepreneurcountry

Lime & Tonic is a business that used the model of Ecosystem Economics™ in order to disrupt the retail and leisure market. Lime & Tonic provides affluent consumers with access to unique social activities and dining experiences in the world’s most dynamic cities, in the form of a social agenda.

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Dimitris Tsigos – Placing Faith in Youth

Written by Dan Ginger on Thursday, 11 December 2014.

EntrepreneurCountry was delighted to welcome Dimitris Tsigos to London in early December, with Dan Ginger speaking to the Greek entrepreneur and mentor about the role of young people in modern innovation, the state of Greek entrepreneurship, and the role of government in stimulating the economy.

Entrepreneur Profile: Haris Karonis, Founder of Realize

Written by Maria Kagkelidou on Wednesday, 29 October 2014.

Haris Karonis is the founder of Athens-based Realize which recently presented Viva Payments, a mobile wallet that also supports cash payments. Entrepreneurcountry met up with him in Athens where he took part in a David and Goliath dinner for the financial technology industry, attended by the country's top banks (Goliaths) and an array of innovative entrepreneurs (Davids).

Everything Greece's digital entrepreneurs touch turns to gold

Written by Julie Meyer on Tuesday, 28 October 2014.

So there I was last year, having dinner at the Grande Bretagne, the most prestigious hotel in Athens. Alexandra Vovolini, publisher of my book, Welcome to entrepreneurcountry, and wife of the hotel's owner, was helping me to celebrate the Greek edition of my book being released in Athens.

Designing the Future of Banking in Greece

Written by Julie Meyer on Wednesday, 22 October 2014.

Five Davids and Four Goliaths attended the first Greek David & Goliath Dinner in Athens on the 16th of October. The main focus of the discussion was to consider how Goliaths are facing modern digital disruption, and how Digital Davids can ‘dance’ with them.

FinTech David and Goliath Dinner in Athens, October 16th

Written by EntrepreneurCountry Global on Wednesday, 01 October 2014.

Meet, dine, network, share insights and do business with the Balkans' banking Goliaths and entrepreneurcountry founder Julie Meyer in Athens on October 16th.

Entrepreneur Profile: Nikolaos Maniatis

Written by Maria Kagkelidou on Friday, 12 September 2014.

Nikolaos Maniatis, founder of Museotechniki, is opening up a new cultural avenue for consumers as well as providing a new revenue stream for cultural institutions with 3D printing-on-demand licensing., a Museothechniki project, wants to encourage people to print 3D replicas of museum artifacts for educational and private use.

Entrepreneurship Is The Way To Go

Written by Maria Kagkelidou on Monday, 28 July 2014.

Dimitris Tsigos, head of the Greek Startup Association, explains how Greece has its very own startup bubble and outlines the Association’s proposals for the future

Dimitris Tsigos, in his mid- 30's, sits in his office ,in downtown Athens, overlooking the Acropolis. He appears to be living the dream of many young Greeks, namely turning the startup he founded during his student years into a profitable business. We started by asking him what exactly the StarTech group of companies does.

Locish leading the charge of Greece's startup revival

Written by Amit Pau on Friday, 25 July 2014.

Greece hasn't had the easiest time in recent years, but a new wave of startups is pitching in to get the country's economy back on its feet. Back in 2012, Greece had just 65 registered enterprising Davids to its name, but the tables have turned and that number more than doubled to 144 in 2013. One such company steering a course to success, and hopefully taking Greece with it, is innovative travel app Locish.

Greek entrepreneurs leave public sector jobs for tech startup

Written by Shawna Warmington-Brown on Tuesday, 08 July 2014.

The global financial crisis of recent years has had a well-documented impact across Europe, with countries such as Greece still working hard to bring their economies back to robust health. Although unemployment rates in Greece remain persistently high, there's a promising silver lining in the form of a burgeoning startup boom.

Coursera offers insight for entrepreneurial Greek hopefuls

Written by Shawna Warmington-Brown on Monday, 02 June 2014.

Coursera's online education platform has changed the way the world learns with its impressive array of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). But its partnership with indigenous and international bodies to deliver a live entrepreneurship course with specialist Greek content shows that local knowledge still matters.

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