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Case Studies

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Smart Cities and Transportation

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Mobility and Transportation Ecosystem


Ecosystem Launch |  Launch Videos |  Launch Photos  |  Updates

The future of the Mobility and Transportation Ecosystem is clearly critical to the global economy and at the forefront of driving transformation in a number of areas. Technology has opened up a number of opportunities in this space i.e. autonomous vehicles, car sharing platforms, electric vehicles. As a consequence we are inviting organisations to participate in our Mobility and Transportation Ecosystem and to benefit from its participation and association with capital investors, innovators, strategic and corporate partners.

If you would like to participate in this Mobility and Transportation Ecosystem, as either a citizen, David or Goliath, to bring the future to the present, contact us on
To enter our #BuildaCountryChallenge please click here

David & Goliath Must Dance™ Lunch - Mobility & Transportation Ecosystem

1. What is a David & Goliath Must Dance event ?

David & Goliath Must Dance events are hosted by EntrepreneurCountry Global in order to explore the challenges and opportunities faced by an industry that is transforming in real-time, into an ecosystem. We see Ecosystems as facilitators of future marketplaces. Ecosystems are like nature. EntrepreneurCountry Global sees its role as helping to organize the raw assets, the climate, the inhabitants, the settlements, the needs and the offerings so that sustainable economics emerge and successful businesses prosper. It is precisely because this ecosystem is a bit ambiguous that we are interested in it.

Plunkett Research believes that the global transportation sector brought in an impressive $4.6 trillion in revenues in 2015 and this market is set to grow further in the coming years as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and digital start-ups try to make sense of the technological opportunities available to them. This market is expected to grow to reach nearly $150bn over the next four years especially with the advent of car and bike sharing platforms, connected cars and contactless travel.

A history and a calendar of these events are listed here.

2. Who

Alistair Crane – CEO of Hero™
Americo Lenza – Head of Global Consumer Innovation at Vodafone
Andrew Lee – Head of Market Intelligence and Analysis at Octo Telematics
Anthony Headlam – Chief Technology Officer at Jaguar Land Rover
Christian Varnholt – Head of App Factory at Volkswagen AG
Daniel Lai – Director for Global Engagement Platform at Nissan
Dr Geoff McGrath – Chief Innovation Officer at McLaren Applied Technologies
Johnaton Grech – Founder of Silex Group
Jonathan Raper – Co-Founder and CEO at TransportAPI
Mahmood Aziz – Senior Vice President Business Development at Xoriant
Mark Parsons – Chief Customer Officer at DHL Supply Chain, UK & Ireland
Neil Sunners – SVP Innovation & Chief Information Officer International at Avis Budget Group International
Nicolas Cary – Co-Founder & President at Blockchain
Paul Ostergaard – Founder of Norwood Systems
Sam Clark – Founder of Conjure
Tony Lynch – Co-Founder and CEO at Faxi Ltd
Amit Pau – Managing Director at Ariadne Capital
Ilona Simpson – CIO in Residence and Senior Advisor at Ariadne Capital

 3. Key Quotes

We – at Ariadne Capital - entertained a vibrant and engaging set of discussions focused on business model innovation, the strategic value of data as well as the importance of building partnerships between Davids and Goliaths. These are the key quotes;

- “Subscription models work only if the product and/or service on offer is valuable.”
- “Subscription models have not materialised, there is a dichotomy between companies that have started with a subscription model such as Netflix for instance and those trying to enter this space.”
- “If you already know what is a good driver, then you can accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles.”
- “Customisation is key.”
- “New competition comes from software platforms as engineers become disintermediated”
- “Beyond connectivity, who owns the customer experience?”
- “We will probably move from contracts to micro payments in the future.”
- “There are endless possibilities with car functionalities, software can be tailored to the driver.”
- “The key in the mobility space is better integration and safer driving.”
- “Google and Apple are trying to commodify the mobility and transportation sector.”
- “There is no price comparison website for the mobility sector, that is what is missing.”
- “Digital natives and millenials have different expectations.”
- On the synergies between the transportation of goods and people “Freight does not need customer service.” – “There are three key elements in logistics: money, information and product – the first two are already digitised but the product is always the slowest part in the chain, it is key to remain flexible and adapt to the market evolutions.”
- “It would be great to get our hand our hands on the aggregated data our customers are sitting on.”
- “We cannot be wedded to a single OEM” – “Best stop arguing about who owns who, data sharing and partnerships are important to create a great user experience.”
- “Old companies can provide the infrastructure to the new business models.”
- “You do not want to commodify your assets.”
- “I believe digital identity will be one of the biggest trend in this next five years especially with the advancement of Blockchain technology. This will enable people to share their data with whoever they choose.”
- “Blockchain is a transactional platform that could solve traffic patterns amongst other things.” – “Connectivity and user experience is key.”
- “The app economy must be embraced but the Apples and Googles could supplant the OEMs in the future.”
- “It is essential to get people’s head around technological shifts such as autonomous vehicles, Uber, etc. because a number of them do not have a clue what is going on.” – “Hubs will be the places that people visit every day, the key will be how to utilise these hubs.”
- “Digital identity is relevant to multiple ecosystems.” – “Consumer trust is key.”
- “Collaboration is key but the challenge is the execution.”
- “We open our data to third parties and it is up to these companies to decide what to offer our customers, this would ensure that people remain loyal to our brand.”
- “Kodak made the first digital camera but did not know whether it will be commercially viable. We are looking into an abyss, five years ago we did not talk about customers, we dealt with dealerships but here we are so it would be fair to say that we do not know what change means.”
- “No one knows where the value is, Google and Apple are testing the waters just like the rest of us.”

4. What were the key learnings

- Business models are shifting because of connectivity thus referring back to core elements of Ecosystem Economics®, the need for business innovations and the importance of unit economics
- User experience is essential to ensure customer loyalty
- We are moving towards software-centric digital world
- It is not yet clear where the value is – all players are testing the waters focusing their effort on user experience
- Leveraging the strength of large partners while harnessing the innovative power of digital start-ups is important
- Collaboration and data harnessing could enable OEMs to enhance their value proposition
- Subscription as-a-service could a model worth exploring as car ownership is becoming a rarity

5. Ecosystem Economics®

An overview of Ecosystem Economics® can be found here.

The attendees of Mobility & Transportation Ecosystem discussed how Digital Enablers and Goliaths could generate supra profits by incentivising individuals, creating digital revenues, and partnering with Natural Allies.

6. Digital Ecosystems

EntrepreneurCountry Global is building Europe’s largest Ecosystem focused on the Mobility & Transportation sector with partners whose customers total in the billions. This ecosystem will grow further.

 We would like to invite you to become a Partner to the Mobility & Transportation Ecosystem. The Partnership will enable you to:

1. Understand how ecosystems are built by building one, and to develop your understanding of Ecosystem Economics® - the methodology for organising the economics of your ecosystem which has been adopted by leading firms, written about by leading academic institutions and presented to more than 500 Board rooms;
2. Identify and partner with Natural Allies - other Goliaths and Davids who are building leadership positions in the Mobility & Transportation arena;
3. Build a profile as a leader in this sector;
4. Have an early radar and dashboard for trends and insights in the Mobility & Transportation Ecosystem; and
5. Test Pilot Mobility & Transportation applications across the Ecosystem, not just inside your firm.

We are building a live digital ecosystem in the Mobility & Transportation; if you would like be involved, please send an email to We will be sending you weekly updates to inform you of developments in this ecosystem. Video interviews from the event will be broadcasted on our dedicated channel ECTV and posted on our Facebook page, which you are welcome to join.

You can watch the Mobility and Transportation Ecosystem Lunch Launch here:

Mobility and Transportation Ecosystem Lunch Launch Photos:

  • Alistair Crane

    CEO, Hero

  • Geoff McGrath

    CINO, McLaren Applied Technologies

  • Johnaton Grech

    CEO & Chairman, Silex Power Ltd

  • Mark Parsons

    CCO, DHL, Supply Chain Ltd, UK

  • Guest Networking


Mobility & Transportation Ecosystem Updates

Each week we send our Mobility & Transportation Ecosystem partners an email newsletter which includes news, insights, updates and relevant around the Mobility & Transportation Ecosystem. You can access these newsletter below:

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