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Smart Home Ecosystem


Launch Videos |  Partners  |  Updates  | Feedback from EntrepreneurCountry Forum 2016

The 15th EntrepreneurCountry Forum launched our Smart Home Ecosystem. EntrepreneurCountry Global has built Europe’s largest Smart Home Ecosystem with 20 partners so far from the worlds of communications, consumer electronics, devices, property rental and brokering and utilities whose customers total more than 500 million. This ecosystem will grow further.

We see Ecosystems as facilitators of future marketplaces. Ecosystems are like nature. EntrepreneurCountry Global sees its role as helping to organize the raw assets, people, companies, needs and offerings so that sustainable economics emerge and successful businesses prosper. It is precisely because the smart home as an ecosystem is a bit ambiguous that we are interested in it.There is still a fundamental way to shape the overall course of this future marketspace in a way that cannot be done in other industries such as music.

If you would like to participate in this Smart Home Ecosystem, as either a citizen, David or Goliath, to bring the future to the present, contact us on

You can watch all of the sessions from the 15th EntrepreneurCountry Forum on our ECTV YouTube Channel, here:

Smart Home Related Keynotes, Panel Discussions and Interviews:

  • Andy Hobsbawm

    Co-Founder & CMO, Evrythng

  • Cheryl Hick

    Executive Director, The Toilet Board Coalition

  • Kenny Leitch

    Global Telematics Director, RSA

  • Panel Discussion -

    'Smart Homes - Smart or Connected'

  • Panel Discussion -

    'Smart Home Ecosystem'

  • Panel Discussion -

    'Smart Homes - Platforms vs Ecosystems'

  • Simon Hunt -

    CTO Home Gateway Security, Intel

  • Sudeep Maitra -

    Director of Strategy & Development, Centrica Connected Home

  • Joris Jonker -

    Co-Founder & International Business Developer, Quby

  • Cheryl Hicks -

    Executive Director, Toilet Board Coalition

  • Simon Hunt -

    CTO Home Gateway Security, Intel

All Keynotes and Panel Discussions from the EC Forum:

  • Michael Moszynski

    Founder & CEO, London Advertising

  • Michael Tobin OBE

    Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

  • Paul Tarantino

    UK & Middle East Director, MapR

  • Philippe Cayrol

    Growth Manager, BlaBlaCar

  • Penny Power

    Founder & CEO, The Business Cafe

  • Alberto Rodriguez de Lama

    CEO & Co-Founder, Nexium Customer Solutions

  • Antoine de Kerviler,

    Director R&D, Rail & Ground Travel, Amadeus IT Group

  • Guy Rigby

    Partner & Head of Entrepreneurs, Smith & Williamson

  • James Chalk

    Head of Equity Development, Crowdcube

  • Heather Jackson

    Founder & Chair, An Inspirational Journey

  • Russ Shaw

    Founder, Tech London Advocates

  • Paul Ostergaard

    CEO & Founder, Norwood Systems

  • Philip James

    Partner, Sheridans

  • Dan Wagner

    Chairman, Bright Station Ventures

  • Jeremy Waite

    Head of Digital Strategy, Salesforce

Smart Home Ecosystem partners:

  • Intel
  • Credit Agricole
  • electric ireland
  • toiletboard
  • Ei Electronics
  • RSA
  • somfy
  • overkiz
  • adeo
  • quby
  • SSE
  • Allianz

Smart Home Ecosystem Updates

Each week we send our Smart Home Ecosystem partners an email newsletter which includes news, insights, updates and relevant around the Smart Home Ecosystem. You can access these newsletter below:

Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 1
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 2
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 3
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 4
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 5
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 6
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 7
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 8
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 10
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 11
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 12
Smart Home Ecosystem Update - 13

Feedback from EntrepreneurCountry Forum 2016

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for inviting me to your conference and provide me the platform to share a bit of the journey of RWE over the last few years. Having the possibility to openly and honestly share our challenges but also our ideas and ways to overcome these in though times was really energizing for me and I could also of feel the positive tension in the audience during my speech.

During the 10-15min we laughed together, created a level of understanding what is going on in a disrupted business like RWE and how we are working on with our head, hearts and hands jointly starting to change and re-create entrepreneurial spirit again within RWE.

I also experienced the first time the fact that via Twitter the audience is rapidly extended and goes quickly beyond the room you are in. Finally I also massively enjoyed all other speeches and learned a lot during this day - inspiring and in some cases it made me really think!
- Roland Hess - Global Lean Transformation Lead, RWE

Thank you for inviting me to this fabulous event, thank you so much for that. The quality of the speakers and the exhibitions were great.
- Jerome Chifflet - Innovation Manager, Orange Labs Research

Thank you for the event - it was a great crowd, amazing location, and you pulled things back together after the fire alarm admirably.
- Simon Hunt - CTO Home Gateway Security, Intel

Your EC team and the contributors produced a high quality event which was informative, inspirational and engaging (as probably was evident from my tweets and questions during the sessions!). Congratulations!
- Amitabh Apte - CTO / IS Director, RB

Thanks again for inviting me - I thought the event was excellent and great to see data at the heart of the discussion!
- Adrian Gregory - CEO, DataIQ

Congratulations on a thought provoking, exciting and crammed conference ! I really enjoyed the day and although there were a few talks which went over my head completely , there were others that resonated very strongly – especially Michael from London Advertising. Well done on managing to pull this off so successfully.
- Alice Avis MBE - 

As a sponsor of the ECG Forum last week many thanks to you and your team for organising such a great event. My team and I were particularly impressed with the venue as I have not visited the Royal Institute of Great Britain before. It worked very well for a business event and I will be looking to hire the venue in due course for a number of events that we plan to run.
- Paul Tarantino - Country Manager, UK&I and Middle East, MapR

it was an impressive speaker line up and audience!
- Andrew Isaac Thornton - Founder, Heart in Business Ltd

Thank you again for a wonderful day at the Entrepreneurial Country Forum. I was very impressed by your dedication to growing the business community.
- Dovile Kemezyte - Marketing Manager, Metis Partners

I do not believe that I have ever attended an event that was so packed full of incredible speakers, interesting content and the opportunity to network. The fire alarm in the morning just added to the whole day (more opportunities to network).
- Michelle Buchan - 

Thank you hugely for involving The Business Café in your event yesterday. We enjoyed it hugely and met some terrific people
- Penny Power OBE - Founder & CEO, The Business Cafe

Thanks for having me at your conference today. It was an interesting, diverse range of topics with some great speakers! loved Jeremy Waite and Mike Tobin.
- Philippe Cayrol - Growth project manager, BlaBlaCar