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Mobkoi : Mobile advertising at its Finest

Clara Hosshage Thursday, 16 April 2015.

Mobkoi is a new digital mobile advertising company based in London. Since launching in August 2014 they have already become one to watch on this scene! EntrepreneurCountry Global met up with one of the founding brothers, Quentin Le Pape to discuss their ideas and how they plan to stay ahead of the curve.

How did you come up with the idea for Mobkoi?

mobkoiI started my media career at BeeAd/WeSpread, an advertising company which sold to Teads in 2012 (formerly Ebuzzing). As Group Account Director there I grew the company's UK and International portfolio of clients across GroupM, Havas and the Korean market which hosted some of its largest global advertisers.

I realised that there was a major hurdle for global advertisers: how to deliver a Premium campaign at scale in a simple, transparent and efficient way. That led me to found MOBKOI last August with my brother Guillaume (his background is Music based in Los Angeles) to offer a service that would enable global advertisers to overcome this.

So what does MOBKOI do?

In a nutshell MOBKOI is the one-stop shop for Premium Global Mobile & Tablet advertising. We are an integrated service that provides bespoke media planning and buying, tailor-made creative solutions, and optimised campaign delivery against defined success metrics.

What value does Mobkoi provide its clients?

Three core pillars create our value set for our clients:

1. We have direct relationships with premium publishers to ensure complete brand safety for our clients.
2. We provide a custom approach to each campaign brief by tailoring site lists to individual objectives and wider campaign activity.
3. We offer campaign transparency and site-by-site reporting, which underpins the way we report back on success.

It's the blend of these values that gives us a unique offering at scale.

One of your core missions is to 'Make Global feel Local', how do you achieve this?

There is a tangible and growing need today for global advertisers to consolidate their media strategy from one central point, or to roll out one communication globally in a cohesive and impactful way. Our core mission is to bring global advertisers closer to local audiences. We have direct relationships with over 300 premium local publishers, available in 13 different languages across 20 key markets: Bloomberg, Forbes, Euronews, CNBC, Marie Claire, VOGUE to name a few. On top of the qualitative reach that MOBKOI offers pan-regionally, we are proponents of centralised creative adaptation for optimised local market delivery. This is a service that is valued by many of our clients.

Why are mobile marketing services growing bigger than equivalent web services?

One of the main challenges advertisers face in the digital landscape today is "viewability": the ads are seen and authentically engaged with. Advertisers can only achieve true viewability when they communicate as closely as possible to where their audience is most receptive, and also by adapting to their evolving behaviours and media consumption patterns. Premium environments on mobile are as good as it gets – this is where their audiences are spending a lot of time, and are highly engaged. I believe mobile is as close as you can get to reaching amenable audiences. It's a very personal device you're carrying around everywhere and in which you place a great deal of trust. Furthermore, advertisers today are seeing the value of advertising on mobile and tablet across multiple demographics and markets. The use of mobile around the world is now truly pervasive and opportunities for advertisers are continuously changing.

How do you adapt to an increasingly competitive environment?

I guess by staying true to our values and playing close to our roots! We understand what Premium publishers want and we facilitate this relationship with advertisers. This puts us in a competitive place compared to our competitors. Ultimately publishers are as concerned as advertisers about their brand image and MOBKOI is all about building strong and positive brand associations. Those relationships allow us to sign exclusivities with some of the most Premium Global and Local partners, such as Euronews mobile and tablet products in the UK.

How do you see mobile advertising develop in the future, and what is MOBKOI's part in shaping this future?

Our mission is to redefine the standards of mobile and tablet advertising as the industry assigns greater budgets to programmatic buying. MOBKOI aims to deliver mobile and tablet campaigns without compromising premium inventory, scale and creative innovation. At a time when automation and RTB is playing an important role in evolving campaign planning and activation, MOBKOI is navigating mobile and tablet with transparency, a grass-roots approach with premium publishers on side.

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Clara Hosshage

Clara Hosshage

Clara joined entrepreneurcountry in January 2015 as the Research and Content Manager, after graduating from the Linnaeus University with a degree in Media Management. Her main responsibilities include managing content on the entrepreneurcountry website, writing articles and researching interesting and unique stories to portray.

Email :
Twitter: @clahret

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