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Digital Ecosystems

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Financial Services

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Smart Cities and Transportation

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What is EC Global?

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We’re building a new country: EntrepreneurCountry, and we invite you to play a role. Read on…

Ariadne Capital is investing in the ‘Digital Enablers’ whose role is to bring new economics to larger, non-tech traditional businesses and industries
EntrepreneurCountry Global, a subsidiary of Ariadne Capital, is operationalizing these economics for the larger, non-tech traditional businesses and industries (we call them affectionately Goliaths). By building in EntrepreneurCountry, Goliaths can build their ‘Digital P&L’ by formulating new hypotheses about how their business will work in the future, and how their industry should work. In our marketspace, we help Goliaths – whether they be banks, newspaper groups, retailers, transportation firms – build the future from the future, test pilot new ventures through EntrepreneurCountry’s ‘citizens’ who act as an early adopter group, and learn how the new economics of becoming a platform are superior to the current economics of their firm.

Why are we doing this?

• Ariadne Capital has a unique asset of ‘seeing the future’ by our hundred + strong global but primarily EMEA deal flow monthly which we aggregate into a vision of how the future will unveil itself. We aggregate the visions of the entrepreneurs we work with into a system-level understanding of how the future will unroll.
• Because of the discontinuity that technological change brings, you can’t get to the future from the present linearly or simply. You have to start with a new set of fundamentals, that ‘clean sheet of paper’ that every entrepreneur starts out with. By asking ‘How should this industry work?’, and ‘How do I drive the profitability of the industry not just of my company?’, a Goliath will demonstrate real leadership in a network-based, Ecosystem Economics world. The challenge is to NOT build a faster horse (last cycle) but to build the car (next cycle): to lead in the world where the winners are those companies who organise the economics of their ecosystem.
• All B2B business models are now B2C2B by which I mean that my and your data (consumer behaviour and insight) are driving all transactions. By iterating around this new understanding of how the unit economics of the transactions in the transportation and mobility spaces will work (nothing is linear, there are 3 parties in every transaction – my data, the digital enabler and a highway), a Goliath can create a market leading position. To do that, the Goliath needs:
  o To have a consistent and systematic way of engaging with Davids
  o To run test pilots and trials to build a ‘Digital P&L’
  o To identify Natural Allies in the market
  o To think radically different about the value and ownership of one’s data; in EntrepreneurCountry, we call this the ‘Identity Object’

EntrepreneurCountry Global's role therefore is:

One design of the new world – how to build these industries, this new world, the future – not just by issuing from on high edicts and blueprints, but by creating the conditions and facilitating the co-design and building of this new world, these new industries, the future by the large and small firms, and most importantly by individuals. We call those uber engaged in the co-design: ‘Citizens’.
Exporter of this design back to the so-called real world or the present from 'EntrepreneurCountry Global' or the future – through our engagement points (events, content, marketscans, test pilots, fitness journeys)
Developer of IP – our own IP around the ‘Identity Object’ and its transactional ability is being further developed which will power our community, platform and network.
Builder of a Marketspace – We are building a digital marketspace and offline co-location facility – EntrepreneurCountry Space through which its citizens can transact.
Operator of an Operating Platform in which Ariadne Capital’s portfolio companies can prove their own hypotheses and go to market most effectively.
Discovery Platform – helping our Corporate Partners discover the Digital Enablers they need, and making discoverable the Davids to the Goliaths

The EntrepreneurCountry Global's Core Offering Today is:

• EntrepreneurCountry Insights – published weekly to 215,000 citizens
• David & Goliath Must Dance™ Dinners
• Break Into Your House or Welcome to EntrepreneurCountry Workshops
• Future of (Industry) Roundtables
Follow the Entrepreneur Investor Summit – organised around the Future of (Industries)
Bi-annual EntrepreneurCountry Forums – where we bring the annual campaign of building a new country to a one day halt to take stock of where we are and what the community has built
• Discovery Marketscan where we assist leading corporates to find ‘Digital Enablers’ for partnerships, investment and/or acquisition

EntrepreneurCountry is organized along Ecosystems:

• Retail
• Financial Services
• Health
• Media
• Education
• Smart Home
• Smart Cities

We welcome you to the country, and hope that you’ll become a citizen, not just a tourist or a resident. There’s a lot of work to be done to bring the infrastructure of entrepreneurship to the world.

Julie Meyer