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Vision 2020: How Successful Entrepreneurs Envisage The Future

Alison Coleman Friday, 25 July 2014.

Six years is a long time in business, especially given today's high speed, digital technology-driven world; but I asked my most admired entrepreneurs to do a spot of crystal ball gazing and share their own visions for 2020...

RBRICHARD BRANSON, Founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson
"Technology is changing every single sector and will continue to transform the business world for generations to come. As long as you focus upon your core values and services, keep producing great products and surround yourself with brilliant people, you will be as well prepared as anyone."



TONY HSIEH, CEO of Zappos, founder of Downtown Project, and author of Delivering Happiness.TH
"The tech world and social media world will become more and more unpredictable. Rather than try to predict the future, we are building Zappos and the Downtown Project for flexibility, adaptability, and speed."


PDPAUL DUNN, Chairman of global business giving enterprise Buy1Give 1
"Giving back' in various ways will become even more central to what every business does. So we'll continue to focus on great tools and resources, to make it even easier to add meaningful, relevant and impactful giving into the SME sector like our newest App Shake the World. You shake, and keep on shaking until your phone fills with water (well, a tall glass on the App's graphics fills). When it's full, the App's developers, Buy1GIVE1, make sure someone in need gets access to pure, life-saving water for a day."


LINDA CHEUNG, Co-founder of social media marketing firm CubeSocialLinda-Cheung-150x150
“Social media will become just another way to talk, and businesses and consumers will increasingly communicate online. While it is now rare to find a business without a website, website visitors are offered very few interaction options. And while social media may seem everywhere in our everyday lives, social media sites are still banned in many offices. The use of social media in professional services is still considered new, and by some, a fad. Email had the same treatment in the 1990s, but now we have different email addresses for work and life, and cannot image business communications without emails.”

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Alison Coleman

Alison Coleman

Alison Coleman is a freelance business journalist with a special interest in entrepreneurs and business start-ups, sustainable business and social responsibility. She has written for publications such as Financial Times, Financial Mail on Sunday, Express Newspapers, EUCommerz and Hays Journal. She is a recent convert to the social media scene and believes it is a journalist's most valuable tool. She also loathes the doommonger economist think tanks that talk us down and prefers to believe that Britain will prevail in the current challenging economic climate.

Twitter:- @alisonbcoleman

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