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The entrepreneurcountry Forum and your Summer Reading List

Bokani Tshidzu Monday, 24 March 2014.

Every Entrepreneur knows this feeling. The palpable excitement of anticipating an event brimming with opportunities. Having cleared the diary, I worked till 3am to offset the time out at a conference. It's all part of living this 'abnormal life', and a personal invite form Julie Meyer requires no less. 

EC Forum Bill Roedy 2It's safe to say I went to the entrepreneurcountry Forum with high expectations, and the event more than delivered on three main promises: phenomenal speakers, 'Goliaths eager to dance' and superb insights.

Former MTV CEO Bill Roedy offered lessons from an inspiring and hugely influential career. This was well complimented by René Rechtman (President of International at Maker Studios, who boast millions of views per online entertainment video). Valuable contributions were also made by the money-men: Matthias Ummenhofer, Head of Venture Capital at the European Investment Fund and Head of AIM, Marcus Stuttard, who laid out the potential paths for financing the expansion of your business.

The speakers from IBM and Cisco presented innovative examples of how big companies - 'Goliaths' -  are dancing with 'Davids' - inventive SMEs - to develop the next waves of exciting technology. During the brief lunch and coffee breaks, I met with at least three big corporate scouts eager to find the next big opportunity.EC Forum Matthias


1. Contrary to preconceptions, the 'Goliaths' are eager to dance, not least to ensure their own sustainability and viability in the future.

2. Money and capital are seeking the 'right' idea, from the European Union, VC and corporates, to old family run businesses investing in new SMEs. For example, Cisco is offering $300,000 in prize money for the Security Grand Challenge.

3. Do something good. It's good for your customers, employees and your brand.

4. Don't ignore the millennial generation. They're the biggest consumer group on the planet, and are making their own media and consuming it in much higher numbers than any other outlet.

5. With the development of crypto-currencies, machine-learning, printed livers and driverless cars, the future is already here. Is your business prepared?


Julie Meyer: Welcome to entrepreneurcountry

Bill Roedy: What Makes Business Rock: Building the World's Largest Global Networks

Andrew Grill: 

Carol Realini: Bankrupt: Why Banking is Broken. How it Can be Transformed 

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Bokani Tshidzu

Bokani Tshidzu

Bokani is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of sustainability performance reporting firm Vertigo Ventures, established in 2009.

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