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Top Ten Reasons to Come to the EntrepreneurCountry Global Forum

Julie Meyer Tuesday, 20 January 2015.

Thirteen days from now, on Tuesday morning the 3rd of February, 500 or so Londoners (and many who will have taken trains or planes the night before) will make their way to grab a good seat in the beautiful amphitheatre of the Royal Institution of Great Britain on Albemarle Street to go to EntrepreneurCountry.

img5Reason Number 1 – Food
We promise to not only have good coffee and a great breakfast, but a fab lunch and tea too in the afternoon!

Reason Number 2 – Trains!
Some will be going to hear about the largest infrastructure project in Europe: Crossrail, which is going to be a new micro-economy. Twenty eight trains will go through Crossrail an hour at peak. The UK is building the Digital Railway. John Pelton MBE Strategic Projects Director (Head of Innovation) will share the magic which is going on beneath the city linking up East and West London, connecting Heathrow to City Airports, and most importantly, providing WIFI to all commuters! What's fascinating to know is that Crossrail will combine the ETCP and CBTS operating systems into one interoperable one. It will be a platform connecting nodes in its network. If you didn't think trains were sexy, think again ..... Not since your trainset at age 4 after Christmas will you have such a rush! The important thing is that there is role for entrepreneurs and fast-growing tech firms in this build. Crossrail is looking for tech start-ups and SME's that can be valuable in the process of construction, that bring new materials like ultra low carbon concrete, and which bring new dimensions to manufacturing. For an in-depth understanding of what smart city is going to mean in London, don't miss John and his talk.

Reason Number 3 – in 2014, cyber security and hacking became real
We are fortunate to have Darren Thomson, Head of Marketing, Symantec EMEA, speaking this year about how to keep yourself safe, and what's Symantec's view of the future. Darren may not be able to share deep secrets of what happened to Sony, but he's got some good stories to tell. Symantec with $4.2 billion of revenue in 2014 are the category killer in security. Listen to them and you've got your essential download for 2015 – what to do, and what's going to happen. The market is so massive that in October, Symantec split into two.

Reason Number 4 – Personal Stories
EntrepreneurCountry is known for its personal stories, its fireside chats, its insight gleaned through the after keynote Q&A. Ed Wray, founder of Betfair, spoke at an early EC Forum telling the audience that at the height of the dotcom bubble, BetFair systematically and consistently failed to raise any venture capital.

Jonathan Rowland will take to the stage at the EntrepreneurCountry Forum on the 3rd of February to tell a personal story unlike anything you have ever heard.

Reason Number 5 – Exits!
Every time we have an EC Forum, one of our keynote speakers sells his company days before for north of £100 m. This past year it was Rene Rechtman who led Maker Studios after building Go Viral (selling to AOL). Rene spoke within hours of the sale closing, and the audience was riveted.

Reason Number 6 – The People
Entrepreneurship is lonely. We all need to juice up our batteries by sharing how we're overcoming the near-death experiences to get to the break-thru moments. We regularly have in excess of 500 leading entrepreneurs at the event who are running significant businesses.

Reason Number 7 – Frances Maude
A deeply impressive man. A powerful politician. A vision for identity. Can't tell you more - you just have to come to the EC Forum.

Reason Number 8 – John Taysom
The man who built the Reuters Greenhouse fund. The early investor in Yahoo. The backer of great British talent. The organiser of awesome dinner parties (you want to be on this man's dinner party guest list). The one and only John Taysom. Many of you will have read my article on How to Out Google Google – The Judo Move. John has some powerful news and developments to share in the same vein.

Reason Number 9 – Andrea Febbraio
Teads (the $100 m revenue European video advertising firm formerly known as Ebuzzing) is the company that no one has ever heard of, but they are amazing. Their chief competitor Brightroll has just been sold to Yahoo for $640 million. This makes a tidy little comp for Teads exit when that comes.... Andrea is one of the most successful B2B Saas Adtech entrepreneurs in the world, and we are fortunate that he will share his vision of what's happening with us.

Reason Number 10 – coffee, tea!
I want to see you all, and this is just a great big efficient way to do that. In addition, I'll be sharing my thoughts with you entitled: Entrepreneurship in the Time of Cholera (with apologies to Gabriel García Márquez – one of the sad moments of 2014 was his passing on the 17th of April).

So buy your ticket here

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