Entrepreneur Country Global

“No man is an island,
Entire of itself,
Every man is a piece of a continent,
A part of the Main.”
John Donne “No Man is an Island”

Key Moments

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Founded in 2008

Founded by Julie in 2008, ECG has been driving engagement, collaboration and investment for 13 years.

325K+ Global members

Our community of Entrepreneurs, Investors and Thought Leaders has passed 325k and continues to grow every day.

Our mission

Entrepreneurs are unique. They are driven by a need or desire to seek change and to profit from it. Axiomatically, this motivation requires independence of thought and freedom of movement.

And yet, no one is an island. The complexities of bringing a business idea to life, let alone profit, are such that cooperation and community are as much component parts of entrepreneurship as rugged individualism.

EntrepreneurCountry Global is a continent. It provides the living space in which entrepreneurs can thrive because it provides the support and cooperation which thriving requires.

Since [DATE], we have supported and promoted entrepreneurs across a wide range of products, services, industries, and markets. The consistent theme has been our understanding of the need for growth now and the desire to grow further in the future.

EntrepreneurCountry Global is a part of the Main. We provide help and advice which is specifically designed to allow entrepreneurs to build businesses for the long term.

Many of the businesses which we have supported have gone on to play significant roles in their respective industries and markets. They have done so through the development of knowledge in areas not immediately relevant to their businesses: investment strategy, marketing, public relations and capital markets to name a few.

This is what EntrepreneurCountry Global does. We bring entrepreneurs together so that they can succeed on their own.

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