What is Ecosystem Economics®?

Ecosystem Economics® is The Playbook that demonstrates both the Design & Principles as well as the Action Plan for Sustainable Growth in the Era of Networks.
The founders of EntrepreneurCountry Global have had unique experiences working with some of the world’s most successful businesses, entrepreneurs and humanitarian platforms in delivering impact, growing networks, building new operating models and building returns for stakeholders.

The 21st century brings tremendous opportunities as:

  • Market Failures become Markets
  • The bottom of Mazlov’s Period develop Personal Economies as they secure property rights for their individual data
  • All businesses become transformed by new consumer behaviors
  • Cost centers become costs of sale or assets in business which build new revenue streams
  • Technology which enables hyper-segmentation becomes mainstream
  • People build connections around the world and find their natural allies through new digital means.

Ecosystem Economics® builds on the work of leading academic thinkers:

The Ecosystem Economics Playbook articulates how to:

  • Transform Disruption into Enablement
  • Leverage Unused Assets and Excess Capacity
  • Connect with Natural Allies who need what you have, and have what you need (Figure 8 Thinking)
  • Develop a Follower Base through Cause that becomes your Network
  • Shift from Product-Centric to User-Centric Organisational Model; ARPU – average revenue per user – is a key metric for future proof firms
  • Optimise for Positive Unit Economics, and in doing so, Build Network Asset Value in your firm
  • Think like a Venture Capitalist and Build an Investment Capability within your firm to Fund new Ventures
  • Create new Digital Revenue Streams and a Digital P&L
  • Understand when the Challenger will win, and when the Incumbent will (the Malcolm Ross Rule)
  • Develop and communicate your firm’s vision for how the Industry should work, and drive the profitability of the entire Ecosystem
What is the ECO2 Start-up Fellowship? What is unique about it?

Each year, EntrepreneurCountry Global invites 25 promising, young, fast-growing, enabling tech firms based anywhere in the world to join the ECO2 Start-up Fellowship to participate in the ECO2 Start-up Fellowship.
We focus on the following Ecosystems:

  • Transportation & Mobility
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Services
  • Space & Satellite Tech
  • Property Tech & Smart Home
  • Smart Cities & IOT

Which VIVA Capital, the owner, and operator of EntrepreneurCountry, invests in through its Investment Platform.

EntrepreneurCountry Global has established partnerships with leading recruitment, legal, accountancy, and technical firms which help our Participants build great businesses. They invest time, and you decide if you bring them on as long-term advisors.

Each Participant is chosen for their ability to identify a business, economic or social problem, and to build a firm that takes the solution to market at scale, succeeding as an Ecosystem Economics® firm. They can be based anywhere in the world.

The Fellowship Participants will be showcased at the annual Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit 2019 later this year. The Mentoring Programme is intense and customized per company.

How do I enter? Apply here!

The deadline for entry to the Fellowship is 30th of April, and Finalists will be selected during the course of March and April, and announced in May 2019.

  • How am I different as a result of becoming an ECO2 Fellow?

You will become part of a Network of Entrepreneurs from around the world that share experience building their business.
ECO2 Fellows enjoy prime access to markets and capital through the EntrepreneurCountry Network.

  • Does it cost anything?

EntrepreneurCountry aligns itself with the ECO2 Fellows in a number of ways – short, medium and long-term for the 25 Start-ups selected.

For more details, send an email to