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Life Moves Pretty Fast

The Secret of a Good Summit is Timing
Life Moves Pretty Fast

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, 1986.

Or for those of you who are fans of the film franchise, ‘Cars’, “Life's like a road that you travel on; When there's one day here, and the next day gone” – Life is a Highway, by Rascal Flatts.

Over the last 18 months, there has been little else to do but look around. Yet while the world struggled with the Pandemic, life has moved on and, in some cases, pretty fast. Set with the task of lifting our heads from the screens and looking around as we hopefully return to normal, we would offer the following as trends you may have missed but should watch in the next 18 months.

The downfall of ICE vehicles and the accompanying rise of EV. Aside from the environmental benefits of EV, this trend is partly due the government decision to ban ICE sales from 2030 onwards. Pair this with waiting months to get a driving test and saving cash by not driving, all these factors point toward further gains for car manufacturers and dealers. Yet, in light of this upcoming ban on new ICE sales and a clear premium charged for EVs, we may be pushed, in fact, to renting cars, rather than buying them.

The move in moving. UK house prices move on the back of demand. If people are moving, it generally follows that house prices will go up. Over the last 18 months, UK house prices have risen 15%. People are leaving cities for the country and cheaper homes. Evidently, where we live has changed and how we live there will have an impact on the country for years to come. It is even worth noting that housing market returns beat those of the equity markets, reinforcing the strong growth in property.

The move from the Office to WFH. Working in an office, 5 days a week, seems a distant memory. There are many who appear keen for us to return. However, data from public transport providers suggests that we have not heeded this call. Linked to our propensity to move home, the argument over office over WFH may become the defining characteristic of 2022 in the UK.

Back to the Future. In 1933, President Roosevelt enacted the “New Deal” which spent, according to a variety of sources, over $600 billion in today’s money. In 1975, Saigon fell to the NVA ending a 20-year engagement by US forces costing around $1 trillion in today’s money. In the former, inflation was a cause. For the latter, inflation was an outcome. Any similarity between these events and current actions is likely to come up in the test.

The move from cash to card to phone. Our lives are governed by economics and our economics appear to have migrated to our phones. This appears now cross-generational and may have a significant impact on the retail sector. For example, one notable startup that embodies this innovation is Revolut, a UK-based FinTech firm. Following its latest Series E funding round, led by Softbank VisionFund 2 and Tiger Global Management, Revolut is now valued at £24 billion, signalling the ongoing development of new means to facilitate consumer spending in an ever-growing global economy.

The future of cryptocurrencies. The previous trend interlinks with the rise of distributed ledger technology and the accompanying, explosive growth of digital currencies. For example, Abra has combined the transition from cash to card to phone with cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, as our ‘cryptomania’ ensues, various Central Banks are now seriously considering digital national currencies. In other words, the sky is the limit with cryptocurrency.

Therefore, it is evident that the corollary of an economy characterised by change is opportunity. For example, throughout the Pandemic globally, a historically unprecedented raft of new businesses has been produced. This is evidenced in the rapid rise of the unicorns, such as the aforementioned Revolut. And now we are faced with changes happening daily, for example, the departure of US forces in Afghanistan for the first time since 2001. One cannot help but ponder about our future.

VIVA Investment Partners (VIP) AG and Follow The Entrepreneur (FTE) were created to help entrepreneurs and investors work together. We understand change and embrace it. We acknowledge ideas and promote them. We recognise that life moves fast, and we help others look around to seize the opportunity. This October, 1st to 5th, we are bringing entrepreneurs, investors, Davids and Goliaths to the FTE Investor Pre-Summit & Summit. At the Royal Myconian Collection – one of the leading hotels of the world – in Mykonos, there will be people who can comment on these changes and also explore what the future will look like at a period of rapid change.

Given that this year has been one of the hardest years to get away with family for a much-deserved holiday and that October is likely to be the month when Europe opens up, why not attend the FTE Mykonos 2021, and bring your family with you?

On the 2nd & 3rd October, one can enjoy a mini holiday in the Pre-Summit. On the first day there will be a boat tour of Delos and Rhenia, where the kids can explore the islands and have a swim in the crystal-clear water. On the second day of the Pre-Summit, you and your family can escape the bustling main city of Mykonos and go on a guided jeep tour of the island, learning the deep history, Greek traditional cooking and dancing and more.

The Summit then takes place on the 4th and 5th. It will consist of a variety of keynotes given by leading entrepreneurs, such as Miltos Kambourides, Vashi Dominguez, Mark Borkowski, Tal Elyashiv and Max von Bismarck, speaking on subjects addressing the Future of Art, Exchanges & Stock Markets for new Alternative Asset Classes, Banking, Digital Securities, EVs, Energy & Power and Jewellery & Luxury Fashion.

As of today, when travelling from the UK or Switzerland to Greece, upon arrival in Greece you are not required to quarantine, regardless of your vaccination status. Upon returning to the UK or Switzerland from Greece, if you are fully vaccinated (and have all the relevant proof) you will not have to quarantine. You can also avoid quarantine if have contracted and fully recovered from Covid-19 and have the relevant proof within the last 6 months.

Things are looking good for the upcoming FTE Investor Summit this October!

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